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Save money on your move when you hire a truck driver for your rental truck.

If you want to use a rental truck for your move but you aren’t thrilled with the idea of driving it across the country, the solution is to hire a truck driver to do it for you. At GreenDriver4U Driving Services LLC, we help families complete long-distance moves more affordably by skipping the expensive moving company option. There are several good reasons to hire a truck driver instead, such as:

    • Not charged by weight- Moving long distance typically means paying a flat fee plus a per-pound charge to move your belongings. If you have several heavy pieces of furniture, a ton of books, or other heavy items, you could end up paying more to move them than they originally cost to purchase! There aren’t any weight fees with a rental truck, so you’ll save considerably when you hire a truck driver instead. However, keep in mind that there are weight limits for cargo—we can help you understand what those limits are.

Hire a Truck Driver

    • Not charged to load/unload (unless you want to!)- When you load and unload the rental truck yourself, you aren’t paying a moving company to do it. When you hire a truck driver from us, you have the option of having them help you for a flat fee of $150, or you can do it yourself to save money.

We are happy to talk with you about other benefits involved or answer any questions you might have about how easy it is to hire a truck driver to make your next move go smoothly and more affordably than you thought possible. Reach out today!