Tips for Moving with A Rental Truck

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Rely on our experts at GreenDriver4U for lots of moving tips.

Are you looking to make your next move easier, more affordable, and hassle-free? Rely on our experts at GreenDriver4U for lots of moving tips. We’ve been helping people move across the country for years, and we’ve built a reputation for reliable transportation of your belongings for a very reasonable price.

Tips for Moving with A Rental Truck

Whether you just need a driver or you want comprehensive moving assistance, we’ll ensure the process is easy and convenient. Below you’ll find a few moving tips to make your next move more affordable. Feel free to contact us if you’d like more information or professional assistance in your relocation.


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Expert Money-Saving Moving Tips

While you may be aware of how to pack your belongings securely, there are some moving tips and tricks professional movers use to ensure their shipments are secure and affordably transported.

Before your next move, be sure to:

  • Purchase four to six ratchet tie-down straps to secure your items in the moving van. These straps won’t wear out or become loose during transit and can be bought at any local hardware or home improvement store for a reasonable cost.
  • Prep and move your boxes of items to a garage or ground floor area before your moving day so your movers can quickly load them on the truck.
  • Take apart your bed, headboard, and bed frame before your movers arrive for quicker packing in the truck.
  • Remove mirrors from dressers to avoid breakage during transit.
  • Remove small legs from tables to prevent damage during transit.
  • Set soft items aside so your movers can use them to fill gaps in the van.
  • Mark “fragile” on boxes with breakable items and mark where the boxes go in your new home.
  • Have a specific area for small items to be unloaded at your destination — this will save our time and your money.
  • Avoid putting furniture back together until all your items have been unloaded.

At GreenDriver4U Driving Services LLC, we offer tips for moving with a rental truck in Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Washington, Texas, and California.